About The Event

About The Event

Our arbitration event will be supervised by Mr. Sefraoui Mohammed in the presence of well-known experts in the field, during which we will carry out training, supervision, conferences as well as presentations of work tools

Our Platform


  • The goal of this app is to create a dynamic web page that allows users to easily download templates while saving time and effort. This form or template is usually a complete architecture of a website, web application, and CMS. In essence, the theme of your website is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on the user experience.

  • The application allows users to automatically create applications based on React js using dynamic templates which we have the right to modify at the level of images, descriptions, etc. It also allows to manage ads. These applications should be safe and protected from any kind of vulnerability, using several tools. Also, not forgetting the performance rating which is not only determined by the response times generated by the applications for the users. This idea is wider and includes the following aspects: response times, system availability, and robustness.

  • Arbitrage 2.0 is WordPress theme created special for Arbitrage websites to earn more with Ads & Traffic, packed with many features : ✓ Post Pagination
    ✓ Post Cloaking
    ✓ Ads Management System
    ✓ Invalid Click Protection
    ✓ Hide images from Post
    ✓ Banner (go to next page)
    ✓ Shuffle the Multi-Post Pages order.